Hillary Kearney of Beekeeping like a Girl once said, “Inspection notes are like taking good notes in class. You might wonder why you’re doing it at the time, but you’ll be happy you have them later” and we couldn’t agree more.

Hive inspections are a crucial part of every beekeeper’s work, but so are taking notes of these inspections and keeping some sort of written record.
Now think about your notebook. Is it sticky and covered in pollen? Does it take forever to transfer your notes into a spreadsheet which is even harder to follow? Well, we’ve decided to step in and digitize beekeepers’ notes. With the BBoard you can easily register a hive (or 50) and perform a quick 5-steps check-up. You can see the weather conditions on your locations, add notes and reminders in the built-in calendar and store all your data at one place.

All our products are created for beekeepers by beekeepers, so in order to provide a useful and user-friendly tool, we’ve initiated a beta testing BBoard program. For the past 2 months, beekeepers around the world have been using the beta version of the BBoard providing us with valuable feedback and suggestions on how to make the product even better. All beekeepers who have sent us their feedback form got 6-months free access to the BBoard, and we’ve promised 5 lifetime subscriptions to 5 lucky participants selected at random*. Here they are: Daniel Baxter, Larry Coble, Quinn Golden, Jayne McGhee, Behzad Baninajar.

names of 5 beekeepers winning a lifetime subscription to the BBoard
Results from the raffle

Congrats to the 5 winners and a big thank you to all beta testers for their invaluable help throughout this process!

Do you want to digitize your beekeeping notes too? Pop us a message and a member of our team will get back at you shortly!