Sofia, Bulgaria, Release Date: Feb 1, 2019.

Bee Smart Technologies, an AgriTech startup aiming at digitizing the beekeeping, announced today its new name, new logo and a new website as part of its major rebranding. The company is now known as Pollenity.

Pollenity Official Logo

The rebranding initiative is in line with the startup’s recent shift in the business model: from business-to-business to business-to-customer. Sergey Petrov, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Pollenity, said:

“Our mission has always been to help the bees by creating sustainable practices in beekeeping which leverage innovative technology such as AI, machine learning and sensors. Our ultimate goal is to fight the decline of the honey bee population worldwide and to bring back harmony in nature.

With Pollenity, we focus on the individuals who care about the environment and wish to take part in creating a sustainable future for the generations to come.

Pollenity makes beekeeping possible for everybody through the power of unprecedented knowledge and understanding of the intricate processes which take place inside a beehive and to even empower researchers by sharing their data and findings. This is the easiest way to create global impact directly from your backyard.”.

The company’s new brand identity is centered around the bees. A minimalistic bee is incorporated in both the company’s and the products’ logos. Along with the rebranding, Pollenity also launches its new product, designed with the small and inexperienced beekeeper in mind – uHive. uHive is the first smart beehive, that helps the beekeeper to make informed decisions about her bees. It measures key parameters linked to the health and productivity of the bee colony and sends the beekeeper notifications and alarms when her attention is needed.


“We wanted to help people in a more sustainable manner by giving them the tools to give back to nature – the bees. Bees pollinate one-third of all the food that we put on our tables, but also a large portion of the cattle forage, and up to 80% of the wildflowers, depending on the region. This makes them nature’s largest and most important reproductive mechanism – one which is essential for the biodiversity of our planet and humanity’s food security. In this sense, Pollenity enables people that have never been near a beehive to embark on the beekeeping adventure, keep healthy bees and help pollinate the neighborhood, thanks to the new technologies.”, Petrov said.

Please visit to explore the new website and the suite of beekeeping solutions that Pollenity provides.


About the company

Pollenity was officially established in 2015 with the aim to provide IoT (Internet of Things) solutions to beekeepers that will help them keep bees in a sustainable and smart manner.

The company has been developing its products for the last 5 years in close cooperation with bee experts and scientists, and now has clients on five continents.

Pollenity has won multiple awards and recognitions, such as Global Finalist in Chivas the Venture 2016, Best IoT Startup in the Central European Startup Awards 2017, IEEE N3XT Stars 2017, Winner of the Health and Environment track at the World Summit Awards, etc.